Home Watch Services

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Blue Mountain Concierge Home Watch Service provides:

  • Customized, regularly scheduled inspections
  • Home watch monitoring and first responder to alarm calls
  • Identification of repair or maintenance issues
  • Problem management and maintenance options
  • Real-time reporting by text, email and digital photos as required
  • Peace of Mind
  • Crisis management (e.g., floods, fires, etc.)
  • Weekly, bi-weekly or full-service property management programs

A Vacant House Can Leave You Uninsured

Many homeowners are not aware that standard home insurance frequently does not cover damage incurred while a house is vacant or not inspected regularly. Consequently, our residential home watch service provides you with a house visit schedule required by your insurance company. The last thing you need when you return from vacation or after a long week at the office is to find out that the basement flooded and your insurance company won’t honour the claim.

Most insurance companies will not cover a claim if the home is left vacant for longer than four days or 96 consecutive hours.

Our home watch service will schedule your property inspections as often as required by your insurance company. Also, we plan our visits at different times of the day for security purposes.

Furthermore, you will want to list Blue Mountain Concierge as the local contact for your alarm company or town by-law office. Consequently, we are almost always on-site without the need to contact other authorities.

Home Watch Checklist

We use a thorough checklist when conducting our home watch service and can customize our solution to fit your needs.

Exterior Check

  • General visual check of the home’s exterior
  • Check all doors/windows/screens are in place and secured
  • Check for signs of storm damage, vandalism, forced entry
  • Visual check of the exterior including roof and drain spouts
  • Visual inspection of the landscaping
  • Check mailbox (upon request)
  • Remove newspapers, solicitations, debris from the front door area and sidewalks

Interior Check

  • Conduct a walk-thru of the home, looking for anything out of the ordinary
  • Look for signs of mould, moisture, and unusual sounds or odours
  • Check ceilings, walls, and floors for signs of water damage or cracks
  • Reset electrical panel for tripped breakers
  • Be on the lookout for signs of pests or infestation
  • Check sinks, drains, showers, and tubs for visible leaks
  • Flush toilets, run faucets and check for leaks or frozen pipes
  • Check sump pump area
  • Check for possible power outage issues
  • Check operation of refrigerator and freezer
  • Digital photos inside or outside if there is a problem
  • The date and time of the home watch service is recorded

Additional Property Services Available

(Cost based on time for each service).
  1. In addition to Home Watch, we can arrange all your property maintenance, from lawn care to snow clearing and everything in between.
  2. Meet maintenance companies or contractors performing work at your property, plus we remain in the home while services are completed for security purposes.
  3. Property checks after extreme weather warnings issued by Environment Canada (hurricanes, damaging winds or severe thunderstorms)
  4. Purchase and maintain salt for the water softener (homeowner responsible for the cost of salt)
  5. Indoor plant care to provide periodic watering on days of a visit or as scheduled
  6. Replace batteries in smoke detectors, furnace air filters or light bulbs as required
  7. Stock refrigerator and pantry before homeowner’s return
  8. Daily checks during construction/repair
  9. Clean patios or walkways
  10. Meet family or friends to drop off keys or allow access
  11. Airport Transfer & Limousine Service.
    We are now pleased to offer this additional personalized service as requested by our snowbird clients and other visitors to Blue Mountain Resort
  12. Medical Transportation services (see Medical Transportation)